System Administrator for Pharmacy Holdings USA, Inc. — July 2011 to January 2014

Pompano Beach, FL

  • Built the network infrastructure from the ground up.
    • Worked with the electricians to wire each office and pharmacy with Cat5
    • Ethernet cables and jacks and Fiber Optic wiring for longer transmission needs across buildings.  Terminated 800+ drops and ran 23+ miles of wire for this company.
    • Collaborated with the telecom providers to insure the company was getting the most for their investment and monthly costs.
    • Built custom servers to run all aspects of operations. Server hardware had in some cases 64 CPU cores, dozens of hard drives and hundreds of gigabytes of memory.  Every machine had remote administration capabilities.
    • These servers ran many virtualized services. File servers, Windows Active Directory, Voice over IP PBXs, Web hosts and Database servers ran on Oracle, Virtual Box, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen and VM Ware virtual hypervisors.
  • Managed a small team of IT professionals.
    • Worked as a liaison between management and developers to make sure everyone was on the same page during a project.
    • Worked with telecom providers to maximize the value of the services we needed from providers and minimize the cost to the company.
    • Monitored network utilization to find areas where we could either save money, improve productivity or increase reliability.
  • Integrated many systems to make the best possible use of data.
    • Built a Voice over IP phone system that spanned 6 offices and 2 countries.
    • Connected the call recordings to a main database so that employees would be able to find calls from within a client’s profile.
    • Created a database-driven phone tree that enables clients to order drug refills 24/7 without needing to speak to an employee.
    • Implemented a system management interface that would monitor resource usage and send alerts when any errors were detected anywhere on the network.
  • Interconnected the networks of multiple buildings.
    • Worked with ISPs to create a single network that spanned every location.
    • Each building used some combination of dedicated VPLS/MPLS networks, long range Wifi, Fiber Optics or VPNs to connect back to servers centrally located in the datacenter.

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